#COVIDandRace Commentaries & Principles

Covid-19 & Race

2 min readJun 15, 2020


People of color are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and its economic fallout. We are working to make sure that medical care, emergency relief, and longer-term recovery efforts target the people and places in greatest need by advancing an intersectional equity policy agenda for federal, state, and local leaders driven by Principles for a Common-Sense, Street- Smart Recovery, and bringing a sharp focus on the racial implications of the crises through a weekly commentary and media analysis project.

Fighting Anti-Blackness Through Budget Justice

Explores how cities and states can fight anti-Blackness through budget justice, address structural racism, and invest in comprehensive strategies that rebuild communities.

We Hurt. We Mourn. We Fight For Transformative Justice. [Issue 8]

Explores the fight for transformative justice, Black liberation, and a nation that is healthy and equitable for all.

Advancing Water Equity for the Nation’s Recovery and Renewal [Issue 7]

Looks at water equity in the pandemic era, skyrocketing unemployment among Latinx workers, and why slavery lies at the root of COVID-19 deaths in Black America.

To Protect Public Health, Don’t Police It [Issue 6]

Looks at how policing undermines public health, movement building in a pandemic, and how low-wage essential workers are saving American lives.

Building Power Through Crisis [Issue 5]

Looks at lingering inequities within the service industry and opportunities for reshaping the sector for equity and collective prosperity, organizing within this Covid-19 era, and more of the latest news about the pandemic’s impact on people of color and strategies for an equitable recovery.




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