Our Power, Our Future, Our Nation

2 min readJun 19, 2018

Our Equity summits amplify the significant achievements and strategic breakthroughs of the equity movement, allowing us to learn from each other, strengthen our movement, and accelerate progress. We’re able to experience a Summit thru a number of different means.

The event plenaries, for example, gather all Summit participants for cornerstone conversations that set the stage, exploring key themes within the social, economic, and political dimensions of equity. Plenaries call on all of us to recognize and claim the power to radically shape the nation’s future and our role in it.

You’ll be inspired by the plenaries from our recent Equity Summit 2018. There’s also quite a number of poignant speaker quotes! Take a moment and sign up for our emails to stay up-to-date on upcoming campaigns.

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Our Power: Radical Imagination Fueling Change

Speakers: Angela Glover Blackwell, @agb4equity; Gerry Hudson, @SEIU_GRHudson; Maria Teresa Kumar, @MariaTeresa1; Jose Antonio Vargas, @joseiswriting; Linda Sarsour, @lsarsour; Rashad Robinson, @rashadrobinson

Our Future: The Leading Edge of the Equity Movement

Ai-jen Poo, @aijenpoo; Carmen Rojas, @crojasphd; Charlene Carruthers, @CharleneCac; Derrick Johnson, @DerrickNAACP; Lata Reddy, @latareddy; Michael McAfee, @mikemcafee06; Rip Rapson, @RipRapson; Tara Houska, @zhaabowekwe

Our Nation: Transformative Solidarity in a Divided Nation

Speakers: Carmen Perez, @msladyjustice1; Deepa Iyer, @dviyer; john powell, @profjohnapowell; Lori Pourier, @lplakota; Manuel Pastor, @Prof_MPastor; Michael Tubbs, @MichaelDTubbs; Tiq Milan, @TheMrMilan; Vanessa Moses, @vjmwest1

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